Four North American Raptors

Medium: Watercolor on illustration board. 9 X 12 inches.
Original: Available
Prints: Available

Raptors in North America haven't always had the successful presence they have now. For
years, many species were mistakenly seen as 'pests' for farms. Tall tales of eagles taking
away children actually caused people to fear these magnificent birds, and we all know what
happens when people get scared of a certain animal...

A powerful pesticide called DDT in the middle of the 20th century nearly wiped out several
raptor species, one of which being the peregrine falcon. Thanks to efforts to ban the pesticide
in the United States and programs to get the falcon's population back up, this raptor once again
is found in much of its natural range.

This painting represents what I feel are the greatest of each raptor group - the red-tailed hawk for
the buteos, the northern goshawk for the accipiters, the golden eagle for the eagles, and the peregrine
falcon for the falcons.

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