King of Cups

Medium: Watercolor, 10.5 X 14 inches
Original: Available

My contribution to the 78 Carnival Tarot. I was given the King of Cups.
The King of Cups represents emotional control, the calm of the soul even among a tumultuous sea of emotions and
feelings. Even among the battering waves, his stone throne sits unmoving, and his arm holds his cup with unbreakable
steadiness. He is generous, offering guidance, love and compassion. Gentle, calm eyes gaze from behind his cup, which
swirls with all that can be given, through wisdom, intuition, and the creative force. A mentor, the King of Cups will
listen and guide as one strong in creativity and nurturing.

Like the previous two decks, this deck will be funded through Kickstarter, which you can find here there's all sorts of awesome pledge tiers!

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