North American Corvids

Medium: Watercolor, 9X9 inches
Original: Sold
Prints: Available

There are quite a few corvid species native to North America, including crows, ravens, jays, magpies and a nutcracker. Most corvids are extremly intelligent, social birds that are surprising biologists with new discoveries of their problem solving and learning skills. Many corvid species are excellent mimics - a Common Raven at Horizon Wings can switch between two different peoples' voices perfectly while mimicing the same phrase.

Far from plain black birds, many corvids with black feathers, such as the American Crow and Common Raven, have subtle iridescence to their feathers which shine in blue and purple. Magpies often look plain black from a distance, but in the right light, their feathers shimmer with brilliant green and blue, and even bits of red on the tail. Jays are best known for their brilliant blue plumage, such as the common Blue Jay, and the western Steller's Jay.

Clockwise from top left: Black-Billed Magpie, Common Raven, Steller's Jay, Blue Jay, and American Crow.

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