Piebald Peacock

Medium: Watercolor on hot-press Fabriano, 8 X 11 inches.
Original: Not Available
Prints: Available

This was quite a challenge, as I'd never painted a peacock, much less in watercolor. I should point
out - this is all watercolor, except for the wispy feather vane portions of the white feathers.
I painted all the brown around the green of the tail feathers (note - a peacock's 'tail' isn't
actually its tail! The 'eye' feathers actually grow from its back. They have a true tail beneath).

With watercolor, if you want to retain the brilliance of the color, you have to paint on the white
of the paper. I could have used white gouache and then painted on top of that, but it always dulls
down the color, and with peacocks, the colors are bright!

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