Medium: Watercolor and acrylic on illustration board, 7.5 X 12 inches.
Original: Sold
Prints: Available

Sun and Moon circled, Day after Night, Night after Day,
As summer grew, Eagle spread his wings, but Falcon,
She eyed him, jealously, and shrank away.
"Oh, he takes night from me!" she cried, "fewer eyes
To gaze upon me and my stars!" So envious Moon
Could take no more, and chased Sun away!

Night followed Night, and Night followed once more
Where Day should be, but Sun could not be seen.
Proud, Falcon spread her wings but found them dark!
"My light!" She looked up, angry. "Stars! How do you shine
When I have no light?" The Stars laughed,
"Foolish Moon!" They called, "you do not see?
"Sun gives his light not only to Day, but to you, too!"

Falcon was vain no more, but cried out for Eagle,
Searching across the world, but he could not be found.
"Bright sun!" At last she called, "come back! The Sky,
It grows cold and dull without your wings. The Night
Shines with naught but laughing stars."
A brilliant light cloaked Moon, and she closed her eyes
And she knew it was Sun.

"I have spread my wings too wide," Eagle called,
"We will share the Sky; in Summer I will fly long, and in
Winter, you shall take my perch." And Falcon felt joy.
Twice a year, when Day and Night are equal,
Eagle and Falcon fly together, each shining bright in the sky.

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