Medium: Watercolor and colored pencil. 5 X 9 inches
Original: Available
Prints: Available

"Oh! Why hello, friend. Welcome, come in! Come in!

"Ah, a splendid night it is. And what has brought you here to my little library? Do you wish
to hear a story? Perhaps a tale from my youth, when I was barely an owlet and a pupil under
the great Master Scribe Buboctavius VIII? Ah, I was still learning the most basic of
scripts...Master Buboctavius was so furious when I broke his prized phoenix quill and spilled
an entire jar of ink on a whole sheet of vellum---!

"Oh? What's that? My midnight tidbits are scurrying away? Oh dear, I suppose it cannot be
helped. I have far too many words to write and the moon is dipping down. Dawn shall soon be
upon us and I must not fall behind."

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