Terms of Service

Before requesting a commission, please read all the information below. This information is for non-commercial, personal commissions only.
Updated 2/25/2013

1) Commissioned pieces are for personal use only. They may not be used in any for-profit purpose, including (but not limited to) any for-sale duplication such as prints, postcards, stickers, inclusion in books or other publications, or use for professional materials such as logos or business cards. If you wish to commission artwork for this purpose, you must sign a separate contract which allows professional usage. Non-personal work is charged a separate fee.

Personal pieces MAY, however, be used for not-for-profit use and promotion, such as a user icon, forum banner, and can be posted by the client in its entirety on their own sites (such as art sites or social networking sites) as long as the original watermark stays intact (except in cases where the image is acceptably cropped, such as in an icon or avatar). The client must also include a credit line, such as "Artwork by Brenda Lyons" with a link to my website or one of my art sites.

2) Pricing as listed on the commissions page are base estimate prices. The client will be given an exact price once details of the commission have been discussed. No additional fees will be charged to the client without approval. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the client, and will be included with the estimate. Payment will be through Paypal (preferred), or check or money order. Other payment options, such as bank transfers and wiring money will not be accepted due to rates of fraud. If the client is outside the United States, it is the client's responsibility to make sure they send the correct amount in U.S. dollars.

For any commission over $150, I may request half payment be sent before starting the commission. The original artwork will not be sent to the client until payment has been made in full.

3) I have the right to refuse any commission based on subject matter. Please familiarize yourself with my style and subjects before requesting a commission. Requests to paint like another artist will be refused. I also have the right to give a full refund to the client if I am unable to finish the commission, or if the needs or expectations of the client exceed what I feel is appropriate for the project. If a refund is given, any sketches, works in progress, or finished work may NOT be used by the client in any way.

If the client has paid a deposit or in full, and needs to cancel, the client has the right to a full refund if they cancel before the final work has been started. I cannot offer a full refund after final work has been started, especially for highly-customized character art. If the project did not require a deposit and the client cancels or does not respond to a request for payment when the piece is finished, I will sell the piece after 30 days.

4) The main method of communication between myself and the client will be email or DA or FA note. The client may not contact me through other means, such as instant messaging or telephone unless I give permission in advance. The proper email address to contact me is brendamlyons[at]hotmail.com.

5) I will provide the client with up to 3 sets of thumbnail sketches. The client at this stage may request any changes they like. Once a thumbnail sketch is approved, I will move onto a detailed drawing. The client may request slight changes at this stage, but nothing that would require major alterations that should have been requested at the thumbail stage. The client will then receive up to 2 sets of color sketches. Once the color sketches are approved, I will begin the final painting. At this stage, no changes may be requested.

6) I will ship original art using a service (usually USPS Priority Mail) that includes tracking and insurance within the United States. I will include this shipping cost in with the price quote. For international clients, I cannot accept responsibility for any artwork once I ship it, unless the client agrees to pay for insurance and tracking. Artwork will be packaged in a manner that will protect the work and prevent it from getting bent or damaged. I will not ship any artwork in a manner that will put it at risk for damage - the shipping cost I quote is the most cost-effective way to get the artwork safely to the client.

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